SolGreen® Disaster Relief Initiative

The devastation from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria taught us that we must strengthen our nations infrastructure and disaster preparedness in areas most prone to the effects of natural disasters.

SolGreen® is committed to providing lasting and meaningful clean energy solutions for communities around the U.S to strengthen access to power, shelter and communication. No matter the location or conditions, energy is a life source we cannot live without. That’s why we are pledging to provide our products when needed most to the communities that need it most through our Disaster Relief Initiative.

The SolGreen Disaster Relief Initiative will provide communities with access to unlimited power and energy by placing our Evodia Solar Tables at evacuation centers, school campuses, church grounds, convention centers and other high traffic spaces where citizens may seek refuge during a natural disaster. Starting with target locations- Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


The Evodia Solar Table is a durable and maintenance-free outdoor solar charging station that provides clean energy to power mobile and portable device charging, Wi-Fi access, LED lighting and safety technology in the form of a canopied table with seating. With solar tables deployed across the country from Miami to Dallas, our products have tested engineering capability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Evodia Solar Tables in Miami, FL withstood Hurricane Irma's 120mph winds.

Evodia Solar Tables in Miami, FL withstood Hurricane Irma's 120mph winds.


We believe it is our duty to continue efforts fostered by the Obama Administration and the One America Appeal to combat climate change and strengthen infrastructure by donating our products to communities most vulnerable during dangerous and trying times.

With the help of non-profit organizations and corporate partners the SolGreen Disaster Relief Initiative will provide long lasting engineering solutions to aid in the prevention and restoration of damage caused by inclement weather. We are looking to align with cross sector partners that are passionate about disaster preparedness and making citizen's access to sustainable power a priority.

To date, we are happy to have support from members and leadership at the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) of which SolGreen® is a fellow member. SolGreen® is also in correspondence with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

To learn more about how your organization or company can be a part of the SolGreen Disaster Relief Initiative or to donate an Evodia Solar Table to your community please contact

SolGreen® Team