SolGreen® Disaster Relief Initiative- Hurricane Dorian

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In 2017, the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria taught us that we must strengthen our infrastructure and disaster preparedness to combat a changing climate. We are committed to providing Evodia Solar Workstations to international regions for post disaster relief and response, while also strengthening and modernizing the resilience and sustainability of their infrastructure for the future.

Evodia Solar Workstations in Miami, FL that withstood Category IV Hurricane winds (130-140mph) in 2017

Evodia Solar Workstations in Miami, FL that withstood Category IV Hurricane winds (130-140mph) in 2017


Today, SolGreen is concentrating efforts to assist communities in the Bahamas, Florida and North Carolina that have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian. We are coordinating with organizations, private donors, and government leadership to provide power and crucial amenities to those who need it most.

The SolGreen Evodia Solar Workstation has been tested and proven to withstand Category IV hurricane winds without damage and have provided people with access to power, device charging, shelter, lighting and a means to communicate with loved ones that may have been separated during the storm. Our technology also aids first responders, FEMA, Red Cross and other relief organizations by creating centralized locations where they can access power and gather during rescue efforts. 

Solar workstations are can be installed at evacuation centers, school campuses, church grounds, convention centers and other high traffic spaces where citizens may seek refuge during a natural disaster. Also, remote locations where there is no access to power or grid infrastructure.

To learn more about how your organization or company can be a part of the SolGreen Disaster Relief Initiative or to provide an Evodia Solar Workstations to your community please contact

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